Why Shortage of Ammunition 2013

March 15th, 2013 § 0 comments

why shortage of ammunition 2013

Why we've had an ammunition shortage - american rifleman, Government conspiracy? george soros? overzealous preppers? nah, the ammunition shortage isn’t that simple. here are some numbers and the facts behind why you can. Why there is a .22 ammunition shortage (official statement, I have been getting emails on a regular basis from people concerned about the shortage of .22 lr ammunition. rather than speculate, and risk fueling the. .22lr rimfire ammunition shortage explained, august 2013, Still stuck in a very high market, with demand far outpacing supply. lots of hoarding and price scalping taking place! no end in sight yet. imports stuck.


2013 ammo shortage - how long will it last?, Update: as of late august 2013 i have seen the ammo situation improving slightly. if you are willing to go off the beaten path you can find ammo.. Why there is a .22lr ammo shortage - youtube, Why there is a .22lr ammo shortage.i talk the reasons why i think there is a shortage on .22lr ammo. i know that alot of ammo is hard to get but i was. The ammunition shortage is a real thing. here’s why it, Women are one factor in the recent ammo shortage, say industry insiders. getty images.

Why is there such a shortage of 22 lr ammo right now? i, Why is there such a shortage of 22 lr ammo right now? i just wanted to shoot a few targets and can't find any here in northeast indiana.. The latest lowdown on the ammo shortage of 2013 - outdoors, If you had been one of the ones who went out and bought 1000rds or more ypud be one of the ones with ammo to shoot when the shortage occured. and heres a. How manufacturers are dealing with the ammo shortage, Ammo is flying off the shelves, but what are manufacturers doing to counter the demand? james tarr looks at the 2013 ammo shortage..